• You Tube, the internet and the worry of Marijuana

    A You tuber commenting on one of our video’s
    I’m just wondering (honest innocent question) do you think medical marijuana would help with Tourette’s? My dad is thinking of putting me on it because none of my meds are working anymore and I’m getting worse. Do you know anything on the topic. Please comment back if you do, thanks!
    My thoughts…………….
    I see a lot of pro Marijuana posts daily, I never comment because even though the pro posts are on my feed and in my face it’s a choice and my personal preferences are not something I feel I need to push on to others, even if they choose to tell me all about how super fantastic it is….. That is of course unless they actively seek my thoughts. I have also seen the devastation caused by long term use of street bought weed and the gateway it opens up if you aren’t careful.
    My Reply
    Hi, I do not know anything about medical Marijuana, I now a lot about the marijuana people smoke though and the negative effects it can have on long term mental health. My advise can only be to not rush into anything (that goes for anything you put in your body). Research research research!!!! do not believe things you find on the internet. You know a lot of people say God provided every herb etc. etc. surely it must be great and it will solve everything !……. If God placed every living thing including plants then he put poison ivy, stinging nettles and poisonous mushrooms here too and we wouldn’t go rubbing ourselves with those or putting them in our mouths. Please don’t ever smoke regular off the street marijuana. I have seen far too many lives ruined this way. You are a strong individual and you should take great pride in being you. I don’t know if you believe in any God’s at all but I always tell Spencer… You were put here on this earth because there is a Spencer shaped hole just waiting for you to slot right into. If you try to change who you are, change your shape, you won’t slot into that hole anymore, you wont be able to shine the way you were intended to shine…. You just have to find where you are in the puzzle and where you are destined to slot in. Stay strong you will find your place xxxx

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