Why are you doing that?

What is the first thing you think of when someone says the word Tourette’s?

Swearing and insulting people out loud?

Something funny?

How many times do I hear?

“I would love a friend with Tourette’s it would be hilarious”

“I wish I had Tourette’s, I could tell people what I really thought and get away with it”

“Oh you’ve got Tourette’s!? Don’t worry it’s like I’ve got Tourette’s most of the time”

These 3 sentences are my most hated sentences. Why? Because it shows a distinct lack of awareness, it shows me that the general public think they know what Tourette’s is but have no idea of the scale it impacts a life.

The last sentence is always followed by a proceeding onslaught of bad language in general conversation and can be in front of a child suffering with Tourette’s.


 So you think it is a rare condition?

You think a person with Tourette’s constantly twitches and has outbursts filled with obscenities?

 Where is this information you hold obtained from? Could it possibly be a source like TV.

If any of the above is true please bundle it up and erase it from your “knower”.


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