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Dads Blog – The first Diagnosis year and following year round up.


To gain a diagnosis Spencer had to be assessed over a year to see if the symptoms subsided at all or if they got worse in any way. He was also assessed for ADHD, AUTISUM, OCD and Anxiety.  This year became a very challenging one for my family. Spencer was going through a huge change and found it very frustrating with what his body was doing because he could see that other kids didn’t make noises or head nod and eye roll. These symptoms are called tics. Tics can come in a Varity of ways these are called motor, [body movements] and vocal [any noise] these can be simple noises like a yelp or throat clearing.

Within this first year life was changing rapidly for us all and emotions were running high due to our own lack of knowledge and understanding of what was happening. We spent days and weeks looking into what these tics mean and it soon became apparent that Spencer had Tourette’s. We continued to research his symptoms and kept coming across a charity called Tourette’s action. We decided to call them and see what advice we could get. This was the best call we have every made.

Tourette’s action, have been able to put what was happening to Spencer in to perspective for us. They have given us brilliant advice and steered us in the right direction. If it weren’t for the lifeline of Tourette’s Action we would be in a much darker place right now. They have been able to put us in contact with support groups over the internet and at meetings where we can meet other family’s having the same issues as us. Tourette’s action will speak to schools and to anyone that wishes to gain more knowledge.

Spencer was diagnosed initially with Tourette’s and anxiety. By now Spencer had started to swear as part of his condition. This again took us some time to adapt to these new tics. After a challenging year we recognised that we had stopped going out much and our positive attitude was disappearing so we decided to start the following year getting out a little more and live our lives again. This started with a “you tube” clip that Spencer wanted to do to try and help others with ts. We posted this on Facebook and asked our friends to share. From this one “you tube” clip BBC radio oxford contacted us about doing a week long awareness series on Tourette’s. We also filmed with the BBC for their inside out programme. From these programmes we hoped to show that underneath Tourette’s we still have wonderful little boy who loves his martial arts, x box and swimming.