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Tourettes, Issues and the new school year. 

Spencer and Lewis talk about their tics in school and mum makes a little appearance too.

Tourettes, Singing, Cajon and school. 

Spencer has settled in well to his new school and we have seen him growing into the most amazing young man. He has a passion for music and is beginning to love finding his own way in this world.


Spencer has finished Primary school 

We have had a great transition period and Spencer feels ready to start secondary school. Here is what he has to say on the subject along with a general update on Tics, police and life.



This Video is a tough one to watch. It shows the hidden side to Tourettes. 
What can go on behind closed doors, the struggles you face when you don’t understand what is happening and you cannot control your body.

Spencer’s First published You Tube Video. 
This Video was a sit down and see what happens video. Spencer wanted and needed to do something to give his struggkes a positive twist.

The Davies-Monks Get to Great Ormond Street. 

Lewis’ First published You Tube Video. 
This Video was another sit down and see what happens video. Lewis has taken his queue from his brother and was (tw)itching to get himself out there.