Spencer’s Space


Hi I am Spencer, Hayley’s oldest son. As you should know I have Tourette syndrome and I’m now in secondary school. School is fun and I’m having a good time, I’m still ticing although I try to hold on to my tics in school. The reason I do this, is still because of primary school teachers and the bad times I had there are still affecting me. I guess I am still afraid to tic and be me because of what happened back then.

When I do tic I am a lot happier and not sad, depressed and stressed.

Right now I’m loving music and my music teacher himself said I have natural talents for music which me and mum think I do too.

I got a Cajon drum for Christmas as well it is really fun.


I am moving in to a brand new house soon and I’m excited, happy and nervous all at the same time! I am happy because it is a completely detached house, this means I don’t need to worry if I tic really really loud and I don’t have to worry about Neighbours.


By spencer D-M 14/02/2016