Marc Elliot talented speaker and author


Marc Elliot

Marc Elliot, a talented speaker and author, suffered from Hirschsprung Disease when he was an infant. As a result of several successful surgeries, only four feet of his large intestines remain but is Hirschsprung Disease free. At the age of nine Elliot was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. Elliot’s TS causes him to roll his eyes, shake, blurt out words and make random noises such as barking or chomping. Through his early teenage years, he sampled different types of treatment such as hypnosis, Botox injections and medication.

Marc Elliot even has been kicked off a bus for his TS.

After graduating from Washington University in 2008, Elliot launched “What Makes you Tic?” speaking tour. In his presentation he speaks about his own experience with TS and about tolerance. Elliot has travelled across the US and internationally telling his story.

Marc Elliot has won the 2011 College Speaker of the Year and 2011 Diversity Artist of the Year awards